First Light
First Light provides a unique approach to the investigation of cases of abuse and neglect of children in Grant County. The purpose of First Light Child Advocacy Center of Grant County is to provide a child friendly atmsphere for the investigation of allegations of abuse and neglect of children. First Light is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit child advocacy center in Grant County.
What's New at First Light?
When First Light was only a vision, was it possible that anyone involved in the planning of The Child Advocacy Center could have ever imagined that so many children would pass through these doors, or that so many children would be so in need of the services offered in The safety of First Light? These are the questions that each of us ask daily.
First Light began interviewing children at the CAC
on February 16, 2004. To date hundreds of children
have been provided a safe place in which to tell
their story of abuse.


Reduce trauma to
child abuse victims;

Expedite investigations
by eliminating
repetitive interviews;

Build stronger cases
for prosecution while
minimizing the negative
impact on the child;

Train professionals and
community members on child
abuse intervention, treatment
and prevention;

Increase inter-agency
collaboration in
Grant County.

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